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220 Locke St. South, Hamilton

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Welcome To The Gym On Locke

We serve our members, helping each of them become stronger, healthier and happier.

Here at the Gym on Locke, we integrate our core values into all of our member services. Our people exist to serve our members and help each one of them become stronger, healthier and happier. Every member of our team embodies our core values and has the important job of motivating, coaching and teaching our members.

Our Location

The Gym On Locke is a private facility, requiring security card member-only access. To book a no-hassle tour to see our facility, give us a call or click here.

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The Gym On Locke

220 Locke St. S.
Hamilton, ON L8P 4B7
(905) 526-9000
[email protected]

Unique To This Location

Two Floors

Enjoy two levels of equipment, with a great view of Locke St.

Outdoor Patio Lounge

Relax after your workout on the fully furnished, private outdoor patio overlooking the neighborhood.

Locke Street Shops

Incredible cafes and restaurants just steps away.

Member-Only Events

Member-only BBQ's and other great exclusive events to socialize.

The Concept

Clean, professional, intimate, superbly equipped, never crowded.

The Gym On Locke is open 24 hours every day of the year so there are no excuses! Every member is offered a complimentary Personal Coaching session with one of our Certified Trainers to ensure that they are properly integrated into the gym. One-on-one Personal and Nutritional Coaching is also available. Membership to the Gym is limited, not to be exclusive but to maintain the style and integrity of the facility. It is never crowded or dirty. Memberships are all month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.

Everything You Need

Don't settle. Join a gym that provides everything needed to reach your goals, with personalized service.

Our two floors of free weights provide the foundation of any fitness program. Along with a wide selection of dumbbells, benches, steppers, and advanced training tools, we’ll also be happy to demonstrate our unique and challenging Jacobs Ladder, an incredible full body workout for the active lifestyle. Shape, tone, and strengthen your body with our complete collection of Atlantis, Hammer Style, Smith Machine, Functional Trainers, and Max Rack, for the safest and most effective resistance training. Lockers on site as well as two private restrooms (one with a shower). 24/7 security with passkey entry and video surveillance, as well as a 24/7 personal security alert system.

See Our Story
Conveniently located in the heart of Locke St.

This exclusive boutique experience is unmatched.

Once inside the The Gym on Locke, you’ll notice the warm hardwood floors, earthy red brick walls, and the bright light refracting through our picturesque bay windows. Our limited membership policy supports and maintains this comfortable atmosphere to ensure the availability of our state of the art equipment and quality training staff. Watch your favorite television program, or bring your mp3 player to integrate your personal entertainment into our machines. Follow the lead of our virtual cycle trainer as he takes you on a customized spin class for the ride of your life!

The Gym On Locke, Hamilton

We make it simple to reach your health and fitness goals.

Whether you're a first-time gym goer, or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our staff can assist you to reach your goals.

Complimentary Personal Coaching

New members enjoy a complimentary Personal Coaching session with one of our Certified Trainers

Elite Personal Fitness Trainers

Reach your goals with one of our incredible trainer team staff

Private Facilities

We have two private restrooms, one with a shower, and keyed lockers and cubbies

Kathy and Jim Peterson

The Gym on Locke is by far the best gym ever! As seniors at the Gym on Locke we are able to work with trainers who actually understand how bodies work – and particularly how bodies change through aging. Workouts are tailored to each of our specific needs. The place isn’t too big or impersonal. The machines are first rate and never have a line up, the staff are friendly and supportive. A great place!

Maureen Dwyer

I can honestly say that becoming a member of The Gym on Locke has changed my life for the better; I feel stronger, more in control, and more confident as I continue to ‘invest in myself’. My sincere thank you and appreciation to
The Gym on Locke.

Heather Wilkinson

I was impressed by it's loft style atmosphere, the variety of high-end equipment and how clean it always is. The overall atmosphere is unlike any typical gym. I love to work out there. It feels as comfortable as working out in my own living room, and I have never experienced that at a gym before. When I started doing personal training, I quickly realized that this gym has so much more to offer than just a great atmosphere. The knowledge and experience of my trainer, the concern he had about my form, technique, nutrition, and his interest in me building a solid foundation was unlike any other trainer I had previously encountered.


The Gym on Locke attracted me because it’s close to home, unique and clean. The amazing machines, boutique style atmosphere and friendly staff is what keeps me coming back. The Gym on Locke suits my lifestyle. All my other gym experiences don’t even compare because I can just come in here, do my thing, and leave feeling more than satisfied!


The Gym on Locke is a perfectly located neighbourhood gym, with excellent access, making it very convenient for me. I come to the gym because of its excellent equipment, professional yet friendly atmosphere, 24 hour access, and its practical size. Although smaller than most gyms, the Gym on Locke provides all of my workout needs at all times with the best equipment available.


The attraction of the gym was its convenient location. I like the fact that it has limited memberships and you can tell the staff is here genuinely to help people. I like how they want to help you reach your goals in a non-overbearing way and don’t make you feel like a number. This gym has a great energy and elite feeling. I’m
proud to be a member!


It’s so close to my home, making it exceptionally convenient. It’s open 24/7 so with the demands of career and family I have no excuse not to work out. The great equipment, friendly staff, overall peaceful environment keep me coming back!


The atmosphere of a small private gym with state of the art equipment is what attracted me to the Gym on Locke. I keep coming back because I am always greeted by name and the staff has helped me reach my weight maintenance goals. The Gym on Locke doesn’t even compare to other gyms, it surpasses them in equipment, atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff.


Having never stepped foot into a gym, the Gym on Locke was an amazing way to be introduced to the world of fitness. There are so many things that are appealing, it is beautiful, trendy, inviting, warm, positive and support needed to reach your fitness goals, feel your best, and succeed. As the very first member of the Gym on Locke, I’m proud to be a part of not just a gym, but an experience, an environment where I feel comfortable, confident, healthy, and positive. It’s a gym for our health, our well being, it’s a gym for US!


The Gym on Locke is close to where I live, which is probably why I like it most. I’ve had the chance to work with, or get advice from most of the trainers and they’ve all proven to be very knowledgeable, each in very different areas. Pete’s nutritional expertise has helped be enormously as well. I also like the size of the gym, and the friendly ambiance is very motivational!


The personal training sessions are structured specifically to my individual needs, and are very challenging and rewarding. As an extremely busy entrepreneur and former "mommy", I find it quite difficult to find the time and motivation to get active and strong. The experience, knowledge, and hospitality at the Gym on Locke cannot be compared to any other facility. I am stronger than I have been in a long time, and am slowly taking off excess pounds necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I strongly suggest giving the Gym on Locke a try!


I love the fact that I can come whenever I want. The members are so friendly, and the trainers are great. They’re always there when I need them. The limited membership ensures that the gym is never busy and always clean. The state-of-the-art equipment is always easy to use and challenging. This gym is truly amazing; I love it.

We're More Than Just A Gym

Become A Part Of Our Locke Street Community

We’re all one big happy family here at the Gym on Locke. Every one of our members is important to us. We believe in treating our members to unlimited access to our state-of-the-art, immaculate facility, and the very best service. The only requirement for membership is the desire to be a part of something special. This is definitely a unique neighbourhood fitness experience found only at the Gym on Locke.

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